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Perfection lies in harmony

What can appear as an expensive process ultimately results in a much greater gain

If not sought in the right way Perfection becomes sterile. To achieve real perfection one has to embrace imperfection, that is the variation that makes something vibrant and alive. Therefore, we believe it is more appropriate to talk about Harmony rather than perfection. This allows us to work with imperfections to achieve the best results in each individual case.

Understanding where and how to intervene on a fabric is central to our 60 year worth of expertise

At every stage of textile production different issues may arise. However, solutions can be applied to fabric to make it perfect, or as we’d rather say, Harmonious.
Technology streamlines processes but it takes expertise to intervene where the natural structure of the thread, human distraction, and limitations of machinery cause defects. By employing a special needle with no sharp point it is possible to work on warp and weft, inserting threads that the loom skips or breaks, and special tweezers can remove knots, accumulation of thread or dust following production.
After washing the fabric is checked as further processes that refine the fabric may have revealed external fibers that need to be removed.
Despite careful manufacturing defects can occur during the finish, hence mending intervention may be required to repair holes and various defects caused by external factors. More than a service mending is an ancient craft.


Mending and Pinzatura
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Mending and Pinzatura


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More than a service mending is an ancient craft

Living in Biella knowledge about fabrics is in the air, everywhere you can hear the talk of the local technical jargon and in Summer you can hear the chirping of the crickets merging with the noise from the looms. Sixty years ago my mother, a mender in a local woolen mill, opened Rammendatura Baù with my father.

I grew up among fabrics and to this day I carry the legacy of what my mother created: a firm where seemingly everything has remained the way it would have been 200 years ago, where no technology replaces the mender’s needle and tweezers. Today speed is added to precision, and only thanks to expertise it is possible to find solutions to face new challenges.

Consuelo Baù


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